Release notes - IBM Rational DOORS, version

IBM® Rational® DOORS®, version is available. Compatibility, installation, and other getting-started issues are addressed.


For the latest news and information on Rational DOORS, visit the Rational Software Support site.

System requirements

Before you can install the Rational DOORS Database Server, your system must meet the following requirements:

Before you can install the Rational DOORS client, your system must meet the following requirements:

You must also consider the following requirements for your system:

At the time of writing, the following independent products have been tested with Rational DOORS

For additional information about system requirements, including recommended configurations, see the support Web site.

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Operating system locales supported by Rational DOORS

Any Windows locale.

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Compatible products

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Installing Rational DOORS v9.2.x

In all cases, Rational DOORS v9.2.x is installed into a new directory named Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.2 by default. After successful installation, if your current version of Rational DOORS is version 9.0 or higher, it is removed from your system. If your current version is prior to version 9.0, it remains on your system.

Note: When you install the Rational DOORS client in Japan, you must accept the default location.

You cannot install Rational DOORS v9.2.x into the same directory as your current Rational DOORS installation. If you try to do this the installation will fail.

For information about installing Rational DOORS v9.2.x, see the Rational DOORS v9.2 Installation Guide. This is available in PDF format on the Rational Solutions for Enterprise Lifecycle Management DVD, and on the IBM Rational Information Center.

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Installing the Rational DOORS example data

If you already have a Rational DOORS Training Database for a previous version of Rational DOORS installed on your machine, remove it before you install the Rational DOORS example data.

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Installing the Rational Directory Server

For information about installing the Rational Directory Server, see the Rational Directory Server Installation Guide.

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Obtaining a license for Rational DOORS

If this is your first installation of Rational DOORS, you must obtain a license from IBM. You also need to install version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 or 2.0 of the Rational License Server TL.

For information about how to obtain a license from IBM, and how to install the Rational License Server TL, see its user documentation.

If you are already running Rational DOORS, the action you need to take depends on the version of Rational DOORS you are running, and whether you have a valid maintenance agreement:

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About Rational DOORS v9.2 patches

Patch Number

Client or Server

Public or Limited Availability


Patches Incorporated

Windows client; all server platforms


Not applicable

Not applicable

Windows client; all server platforms



Windows client; all server platforms


Yes and

Windows client; all server platforms


Yes,, and

When the patch is installed, if you subsequently use the master CD to install another Rational product, the integrations that enable the transfer of information between Rational DOORS and that product are not automatically installed. If you want to use an integration with another Rational product you must install the integration manually. You can either install the integration individually from the CD, or DVD, or you can download it from the IBM Web site.

Patch Number

Build Number







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Supported releases

Patch is a client patch for Rational DOORS v9.2 on Windows and a server patch for Rational DOORS v9.2 on all platforms.

You can apply this patch to a machine that already has a previous version of Rational DOORS. If you have v9.x already installed, it is overwritten, and Rational DOORS is upgraded. If it is an earlier version (for example, v8.x or v7.x), v9.2.0.4 is installed in parallel with your current version.

You can also install this patch on a machine where Rational DOORS has not previously been installed.

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What's new in v9.2.0.4

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What's new in v9.2.0.0

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Defects fixed by patch version

RIF defects

Rational DOORS v9.2.0.1 fixes the defects that affected the implementation of RIF in Rational DOORS v9.2.0.0:

For details of all the other fixed defects in Rational DOORS v9.2.0.1, see the IBM Rational Information Center.

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Defects fixed by patch version

For details of the defects fixed in Rational DOORS v9.2.0.2, see the IBM Rational Information Center.

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Defects fixed by patch version

For details of the defects fixed in Rational DOORS v9.2.0.3, see the IBM Rational Information Center.

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Defects fixed by patch version

For details of the defects fixed in Rational DOORS v9.2.0.4, see the IBM Rational Information Center.

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Known problems

For details of known problems in Rational DOORS, see the IBM Rational Information Center.

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Spelling checker

There may be some languages supplied with the spelling checker, for example Russian that do not supply alternative text when errors are detected during a spelling check.

When you set up the options for checking spelling in certain languages, a Modes panel is displayed on the Options dialog box. In some languages the modes that are available are meaningless. For example, if the selected language is Russian, the modes Je and Jo are displayed.

These issues are a result of limitations in the third party software used by Rational DOORS to provide spelling checker capabilities.

Hidden text

Rational DOORS does not support hidden text. For example, if you copy text including hidden text from Microsoft Word and paste it into a Rational DOORS module, the text that is displayed in the module explorer is different to that displayed in the object.

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Contacting Support

Please visit our Telelogic support overview on the Rational software support site at:
You will find a one-sheet reference guide about how to best contact support in your geography.

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