IBM Rational Systems Tester version 3.3 Fixed Problems

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June 2, 2009



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 Systems Tester 3.3 Fixed problems

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Tester crashes while analyzing ETSI LTE Protocol Conformance Test Suite

This crash is now fixed



Tester reports Fatal error during execution with XML Logging enabled

The issue concirend was a problem with 'default' type XML-logging. This has now been fixed



The definition of PVOID in tci_conditional.h file conflicts with a definition in windows header files

The compilation problem when user includes header files like ‘winnt.h’ in his adaptor files has been fixed.



Tester crashes during exection with XML logging enabled

The problem when XML logging enabled that could cause a crash of ETS has now been fixed.



Tester generates incorrect code when there are extension markers in Inline Enumerated definitions

The support for inline Extensible Enumerated in PER codecs has been implemented.



Tester does not generate codecs for ASN.1 types when they are not directly used in communication operations

Now Tester generates codec functions for all ASN.1 types defined in all ASN.1 modules regardless of whether or not they are used in communication operations (even when no encoding attributes are specified).



Tester 3.2 generates incorrect code when there are escape characters in const charstrings

The bug in TTCN3 code generator when long character string was split incorrectly, was fixed.

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TTCN3 ASN.1 stream sending error

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A bug in ASN-TTCN translator for identifiers from ASN.1 files has been fixed. Using TTCN-keywords(reserved words) as identifiers in ASN causes a translation to TTCN like name of identifier plus '_'.

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Go to definition does not work always (same fix as TAU#6768)

Go to definition fixed for code with restricted templates.



template variables

This case is a part of common task for implementation of brand-new feature presented in 15.8 clause of 3.4.1 standard version.


According to 3.4.1 it's allowable to assign 'omit' to var templates with (omit) restriction. E.g.:

var template (omit) ... := omit;



Encvavule and decvalue

TTCN3 predefined functions encvalue(...) and decvalue(...) have been implemented.



Telelogic Tester Crash

Thu issue with print preview causing the crash has been fixed.



Potential problem with the support of the "extends" clause

Problem with "extends" clause and "runs on" is now fixed.



Issues while converting from TTCN-2 to TTCN-3

The problem in TTCN2 to TTCN3 converter, when TTCN2 suite has predefined operation, has been fixed.



Issues while generating code for ATS based on 3GPP test suite

There was a bug with ASN.1 code generation; when in TTCN specification, in port type declaration, the keyword 'all' was used instead of explicit listing the types.



Does Tester support duplicate enumerated ASN.1 values?

Support duplicate enumerated ASN.1 values introduced



Compiler does not specify exact location of ASN.1 syntax/semantic errors

Error information from ASN.1 compiler is put on the screen now.



Tester does not provide the correct results in build log in case of ASN.1 errors

The problem when error in ASN.1 specification, introduced after previous successful analysis, was not detected, has now been fixed.



ASN.1 Compilation Error ('ANY DEFINED BY' type notation)

ASN.1 compiler now allows any classifier type usage for 'ANY DEFINED BY' definition, if there's no option to strict standard compliance set.



Test Plan Dialog crashes while entering test case parameters of incorrect types

The problem when Test Plan Dialog has item with test case parameters of incorrect types, was fixed.



Tester does not support templates of ANS1 with IE's as omit

This issue is solved by TAU#6743



Tester 2.7 and 3.1 gives an internal error while Analyzing.

The problem in TTCN3 code generator, when type declaration via inline field type was used, has been fixed.

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Cannot Create a TciValue with a record with no elements.

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The problem when it was impossible to create a TciValue with a record with no elements has been solved.

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Technical Query on Tester

The problem in ASN.1 PER decoder that may cause a crash was fixed.



compiling errors of Tester generated code

The support for inline Extensible Enumerated in PER codecs has been implemented.



Tester should find procedure names without having to pass the module names

Now when calling triEnqueueCall(...), triEnqueueReply(...) or triEnqueueException(...) without module name specified, Tester will try to find signature name in all modules. If several appropriate signature names with the same number of arguments is found, the error about ambiguity will be reported.



LTE - Sequence-of types with complex constraints not supported

SEQUENCE_OF/SET_OF with large (>64k) size constraint is now supported by PER codec.



LTE: Tester fails when type referenced as element of 'record of'

The problem when type was referenced as element of 'record of' has been fixed.



LTE: Compiler reports the error when ambiguous enumerated value is used in match operation

The wrong compiler error reporting when ambiguous enumerated value is used in match operation has been fixed.



Omit is not allowed to be assigned to template

Added check to sematic analyzer. Now it's not allowed to assign 'omit' value to template without any template restrictions.



LTE: INTERNAL ERROR when declared in ASN.1 inline BIT STRING with SIZE restriction used as type in TTCN

The problem that cause internal error in TTCN3 compiler was fixed.



LTE: Match values that have recursion in type definition cause stack overflow error

The problem in TTCN3 code generator, that cause stack overflow error when matching the values that have recursion in type definition used, has been fixed.



LTE test suite: wrong error about not correct type when ENUMERATED types have same literals

The problem when ENUMERATED types have same literals and these literals are being used in case statement, was fixed.



3GPP Benchmark: omits at the end of value list

The problem when in value list at the end occur more than 1 omit, and this is not static value list (for example, its components are formal parameters), this cause Test Case error when try to assign this list, was solved.



link error on unix when running test chain

This issue appeared as a result of changes related to CR #6748



LTE - TTCN-3 3.4.1 (CR 2975): Allow specification of non-optional templates; semantic analysis

15.8 clause of 3.4.1 TTCN standart version implemented.



TTCN-3 keywords are not handled properly when used in ASN.1 modules

When importing ASN.1 identifiers which actually are TTCN-3 keywords such identifiers will now be preprepared with underscore



LTE - TTCN-3 3.4.1 (CR 2975): Allow specification of non-optional templates; syntax analysis

15.8 clause of 3.4.1 TTCN standart version implemented.



TTCN-3 3.4.1 (CR 2808: Verdict reason) - parser changes

New frontend parser changes are done



TTCN-3 3.3.2 (CR 1863): remove some restrictions on accessing parts of templates in left hand sides of assignments.

TTCN-3 3.3.2, 15.6.2 a)


"Omit, AnyValueOrNone, value lists and complemented lists: referencing a subfield within a structured field

to which Omit, AnyValueOrNone, a value list or a complemented list is assigned, at the right hand side of an

assignment, shall cause an error.

When referencing a subfield within a structured field to which AnyValueOrNone or omit is assigned, at the

left hand side of an assignment, the structured field is implicitly set to be present, it is expanded recursively

up to and including the depth of the referenced subfield. During this expansion an AnyValue shall be

assigned to mandatory subfields and AnyValueOrNone shall be assigned to optional subfields. After this

expansion the value or matching mechanism at the right hand side of the assignment shall be assigned to the

referenced subfield.

When referencing a subfield within a structured field to which value lists or complemented value lists are

assigned, at the left hand side of an assignment, shall cause an error."

This new option may cause errors in compilation in some existing projects, so this option is on when compiler option -D is using(Forces strict TTCN-3 standard compliance)



TTCN-3 3.3.2 (CR 418): Stand-alone statement blocks

Standalone statement blocks supported now



LTE - TTCN-3 3.4.1 (CR 416: Passing omit to value formal parameters)

15.8 clause of 3.4.1 TTCN standart version implemented.



TTCN-3 3.4.1 (CR 415) preprocessor macros

Macroses are introduced



TTCN-3 3.3.2: (CR 383): Error Cases of Predefined Functions

Added support for passing inlined templates passed to predefined functions. Error cases defined in the standard are handled too. There are two exceptions: "regexp" and "replace" because they are handled in separate cases



3GPP becnhmark: support string constraints with big upper boundary in PER

Inlined strings with SIZE constraint are now supported in PER when upper boundary is greater than 65535


For example:

RabTxInfo ::= SEQUENCE

{testData BIT STRING (SIZE (65536))}



3GPP benchmark: support unconstrained inline sequenceof/setof

Inlined SEQUENCE_OF/SET_OF without SIZE constraints now supported by PER codec


For example:

SS-MAC-hs-AddReconfQueue ::= SEQUENCE {

logicalChannelList SEQUENCE OF LogicalChannelIdentity




3GPP Benchamrk: support inline enumerations in asn.1 PER codec

Inline enumerations in PER codec generator now supported.

For example:

CellUpdate-v690ext-IEs ::= SEQUENCE {

volumeIndicator ENUMERATED { true-value, false-value }







3GPP Benchmark: support asn.1 DEFAULT

ASN.1 SEQUENCE/SET fields with DEFAULT values are now translated to TTCN-3 as _optional_ fields. It means that omit may be used in the sending or receiving template to denote the use of default value. Note the following pecularities:

1) When value is sent to port all fields having default values are checked. If actual value sent is omitted or equal to default value then value is omitted from payload.

2) When message is received and field value is not present in the payload meaning that default value should be used omit is assigned to the field. THIS DIFFERS from previous implementation where fields having default values were translated as mandatory and default value was assigned upon receive of empty payload.

3) When two value are compared at runtime Tester does not distinct fields with default values. It means that if one value has omit in the default field and other has a value which is equal to the default value then runtime system will treat these values as NON-EQUAL values.

4) New t3rt_type_field_default_value() function may be used to query default value of a field.



3GPP benchmark: provide support for asn.1 NULL

NULL enumeration literal representing the only value of an ASN.1 NULL type may now be used in TTCN-3 code as long as at least one ASN.1 module is imported into a TTCN-3 module.

Note that:

1) NULL type is not imported so using NULL as a type reference would not work. You need to subtype NULL in ASN.1 code and use that subtype in TTCN-3 code instead

2) Declaring NULL in TTCN-3 code (e.g. as a aub type) overrides imported NULL enumeration literal